Lovely Day

Today was the best day I had in weeks.  The last weeks have been very stressful and I had a lot of work to do.
So I totally enjoyed this day. I met up with my mum in Soho where we  ate breakfast at Princi (Wardour Street). If you haven't been there yet you really should. Everything tastes so good and the location is fantastic. After that we  went to Portobello Road Market. They have great jewellery on fridays. We also went to Mulberry and I'm honestly thinking about buying the alexa bag. But I'm not sure about the colour. Black,leopard printed or brown? Right now I'd love to have the leopard printed one but I'm not sure if I'll still like it in 2 years or so?

Postat av: DJ FunkyGrrL

interesting, very hip blog

2010-04-10 @ 20:56:27
Postat av: F.F

Love Erin W!

2010-04-11 @ 13:15:51
Postat av: Silvia Couture

i LOVE alexa chung!!

2010-04-11 @ 22:29:47

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