Christmas was brilliant! I got my beloved 2.55 chanel bag in black! Can't stop looking at it haha!
Now I'm on my way to Topshop to spend the money I got from my grandparents for christmas :)

1. Christian Louboutin shoes.
2. Balmain
3. YSL ring
4. Baby cat. Isn't it cute?

Jon Kortajarena



The definition of architecture is:
(Latin „architectura“, from the Greek „arkitekton“, ὰρχιτεκτονική – arkhitektonike, from ὰρχι chief or leader and Τεκτονική builder or carpenter) is the art and science of designing buildings and other physical structures.

I think it's much more than that!!

I call architecture 'petrified music'. -Goethe


Maaaaaan Chanel is genius! Look at those shoes! I mean how great can you be?

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